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**OBLIGATORY COVID STATEMENT: We as an organization acknowledge that we will be unable to run our Dinner this year in typical, or even remotely-typical fashion. In an effort to continue our tradition of breaking bread with and serving our dear friends, SHARE leadership has decided that we will organize a safe and physically-distanced initiative by bringing (likely prepackaged) meals down to the city, in many ways Midnight Run style (for those familiar). We feel terrible that we are unable to bring all of our friends to our tables as we've done for the last 31 years, and so we feel that it's only right, in the reality in which we live today, that we adapt and continue as we've always done.**

SHARE's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless is a time-honored tradition in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York where the very first Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless was served by area high school students 31 years ago. We act on behalf of those who can't advocate for themselves, those who have doors closed in their faces and those who have lost all but the last remnants of hope.

Each year we break bread with around 800 of our friends(including women and children) from the streets and from shelters in all five boroughs in New York City and Westchester County. They each look forward to something different, whether the fist-sized jumbo turkey legs, the handmade apple & pumpkin pies, the donated stuffed animals and the clown painting faces for the kids.

Here are some amazing stats to ponder. Over the past 32 years, our kids in SHARE have prepared and served not only 20,380 pounds of turkey, but also the following during our monthly outreach programs in NYC:

96,300 bagged lunches
25,500 cups of coffee
4,332 hot dogs on the hot dog runs
20,132 cups of soup or chili

We recognize that there is a lot going on in the world and while people want to help out where they can, at times like these those options seem more pronounced. We're so incredibly grateful for your support, which is in no small way allowing us to continue to work with our students and to help those in need, and wish you a Thanksgiving filled with peace, happiness and good health.

SHARE the Project, Inc, a public charity, is a recognized 501(c)3. For more information, please contact us at